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Desires Mastery Session: Uncover, Align, Thrive

Step into Authenticity, Purpose, and a More Meaningful Existence by Embracing What Truly Matters to You

Do you ever hope there’s more out there for you?

When we aren’t aligned with our true selves we can feel:

Stagnate & Stuck

feeling stuck in a rut, where days blend into each other


going through the motions without a clear sense of purpose or fulfilment

Dissatisfied with your career

feeling unfulfilled despite professional success

Struggle with decision making

feeling that you are in a constant state of indecision and confusion

Lack of life satisfaction

dissatisfaction with life despite external achievements

The need for greater meaning and purpose

a desire to find a deeper meaning and purpose in life


feeling crushed by responsibilities and experiencing burnout

Longing for fulfilment

a persistent sense of longing for a more fulfilling life.

From an early age, we are taught what’s important in life along with the goals and dreams that will make us successful and happy. All of this is well-intentioned and practical. However, if you are feeling unsatisfied in life – this is a sign things are unaligned.

Underneath all the acquired goals and expectations are your personal and unique foundational desires. When you can understand these and bring your life into greater alignment – your life will transform.

When you understand your fundamental desires and what matters to you the most it allows: 

An increased sense of purpose fulfilment, positively impacting your overall wellbeing. 

You to live in a way that is true to yourself rather than conforming to external expectations.

→ Deeper understanding of yourself, behaviours and motivations.

→ Greater clarity on decisions and choices that can shape a life that feels truly meaningful.

→ Richer relationships & connections with people who can understand and support you.

→ Increased motivation by supporting you to pursue endeavours with passion and dedication.

In short – it allows you to feel fulfilled, authentic and joyful.

Understanding my desires moved the dial in my life in a significant way. 

So, for all of these juicy reasons I wanted to offer you…

Supporting you to step into authenticity, purpose, and a more meaningful existence by embracing what truly matters to you.

This is a One-on-One Coaching Session for us to:

  • Explore the areas & aspects of your life that are currently unaligned and contribute to you feeling stagnant, disconnected or unsatisfied.
  • Uncover the desires that serve as the foundation for a life enriched with fulfilment, empowerment and joy.
  • Create awareness & actions that will allow you to make small and easy adjustments for a more authentic and purpose-driven life.

Annie’s heart and vision to see her clients come into the fullness of what they truly desire is beautiful to witness. Her genuine desire to learn and grow are admirable traits to consider in your next mentor – definitely connect with her, you’ll be glad you did!

Evelyn Fuson

Life & Mindset Coach, Host of The Evelyn Fuson Show Podcast, Speaker and Writer

Pricing & All that

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What’s Included:

  • 2ish hour coaching session via Zoom to explore your desires & create a plan to incorporate them easily into your life.
  • 1 month of ongoing digital support to ensure you kick-off on track and with all the help you need
  • A Personalised Desires Guide to ensure you can always come back to what’s important in your life and create a plan to create meaningful change in your life.

Hi! I’m Annie!

I am offering these sessions because I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of aligning your life with your authentic desires. It brings me immense joy to share the lessons I’ve learned along my journey, empowering you to discover and embrace the values that will support you in shaping a life of alignment and meaning.

In my own experience, delving into my core desires gave me guidelines to understand how unaligned my corporate job was and what I needed to incorporate into my days, decision making and relationships to increase my sense of purpose, satisfaction, and overall well-being.

I’m so excited for the opportunity to embark on this exploration with you, unravelling the layers of your true self and shaping a future that resonates authentically with your deepest desires.

Annie’s gentle guidance will help you return to yourself, identify your passion and goals in life, and create a plan to achieve these. 

In a world of distractions, she offers a calm, focused and practical space. You will feel calmer, happier and more in control of your life through engaging with Annie.

Clare G.

Canberra, Australia

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  • We’ll do our session together followed by 1 month of digital support from me
  • You’ll transform your life in easy meaning steps & we become friends forever 😉